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Collection Boxes
  • 19th century Russian carved rock crystal and gold mounted box by Otto Samuel Keibel, St. Petersburg c.1840, engraved with the arms of Prince Stroganov,

    Ref No. 68534 Details
  • Louis XV coloured gold rectangular box by Charles Le Bastier, Paris 1757,

    Ref No. 68393 Details
  • French Regence gold mounted pique and mother-of-pearl box, Paris 1717-1722,

    Ref No. 67948 Details
  • 18th century German chased oval gold box by Freres Souchay, Hanau c.1760,

    Ref No. 67945 Details
  • Early 19th century micromosaic and gold mounted bloodstone box, the mosaic, Rome c.1810, the box probably Vienna c.1820,

    Ref No. 67644 Details
  • Early 19th century cut-corner rectangular gold and blue enamel box by Etienne-Lucien Blerzy, Paris c.1809-1819,

    Ref No. 67432 Details
  • Louis XV oval three colour gold box by Jean Formey, Paris 1764,

    Ref No. 67171 Details
  • George II canted rectangular gold box, English c.1750, engraved with the arms of Earl Ferrers, a miniature of a lady by Christian Friederick Zincke within,

    Ref No. 67000 Details
  • 19th century chased rectangular gold box mounted with a micromosaic of the Temple of Vesta at Tivoli, the box by Jean-Baptiste Fossin, Paris 1819-1838, the mosaic Italian. c.1810,

    Ref No. 66632 Details
  • French Regency gold mounted lacquer aide memoire, Paris 1722-29,

    Ref No. 65978 Details
  • 18th century gold mounted oval porphyry box, German c.1770,

    Ref No. 65873 Details
  • Victorian 18ct gold oblong box with hunting scene by William Summers, London 1865,

    Ref No. 65867 Details
  • 19th century German coloured gold rectangular box by Charles Colins & Sons, Hanau c.1820,

    Ref No. 65842 Details
  • Louis XV rectangular chased four colour gold box by Johann Friedrich Buttner, Strasbourg c.1760,

    Ref No. 64615 Details
  • Louis XVI oblong gold and enamel gold box by Jean-Joseph Barriere, Paris 1788,

    Ref No. 64073 Details
  • Louis XV coloured gold oval box by Jean-Baptiste Carnay, Paris 1764,

    Ref No. 63281 Details
  • 19th century gold mounted rectangular rhodonite box, possibly Austrian c.1840,

    Ref No. 63203 Details
  • Antique German rectangular coloured gold box, probably Hanau c.1760,

    Ref No. 62667 Details
  • Louis XV oval vari-coloured gold box by Noel Hardivilliers, Paris 1766,

    Ref No. 62046 Details
  • George I rectangular gold box by James Mayo, London 1722,

    Ref No. 61825 Details
  • 18th century hardstone mounted gold cane handle by Johann Christian Neuber, Dresden c.1780,

    Ref No. 61558 Details
  • George IV 18ct gold and lapis lazuli box by John Linnit, London 1828,

    Ref No. 61520 Details
  • 18th century oval gold and enamel box, possibly Swedish c.1780,

    Ref No. 61434 Details
  • Louis XVI oval enamel and gold box with portrait miniature by Alexis Proffit, Paris 1786, the miniature of the duc de Penthievre by Nicholas Halle (French fl. 1782-1795),

    Ref No. 61305 Details
  • Louis XVI vari-coloured gold mounted tortoiseshell and portrait miniature box by Francois Delanoy, Paris 1779, the miniature of the Comte d'Angiviller by Jean-Baptiste Weyler (French 1747-1791),

    Ref No. 61299 Details
  • Louis XV vari-coloured oblong gold box, Paris 1762,

    Ref No. 61203 Details
  • Louis XVI oval gold and moss agate style enamel box by Pierre-Robert Dezarot, Paris 1778,

    Ref No. 61043 Details
  • George II cartouche-square shaped gold patch box, London c.1740

    Ref No. 60388 Details
  • Antique Austrian gold-mounted lapis lazuli snuff box by Josef Wolfgang Schmidt, Vienna, 1803

    Ref No. 58400 Details
  • Louis XV enamelled gold oval snuff box by Claude Perron, Paris 1772, cover and base with oval monochrome miniatures by Philipp Ernst Schindler II

    Ref No. 55612 Details
  • Antique Austrian enamelled gold mounted lacquer snuffbox by Josef Wolfgang Schmidt, Vienna, 1801

    Ref No. 53741 Details
  • Louis XV coloured gold rectangular box by Nicolas Delions, Paris, 1761,

    Ref No. 53625 Details
  • Louis XV coloured gold oval box, Paris 1758, attributed to Henry Daniel Robineau

    Ref No. 53623 Details
  • 19th century Russian shaped rectangular four colour gold box, St. Petersburg c.1835,

    Ref No. 53553 Details
  • Louis XV gold mounted Japanese lacquer double spectacle case, the mounts Paris 1759, containing two lorgnettes

    Ref No. 20374 Details
  • 18th century German coloured gold rectangular box by Les Freres Toussaint, Hanau c.1760, formerly Rothschild family collection, chased and engraved with figural decoration in yellow, rose, lemon gold and silver,

    Ref No. 05116 Details
  • George III 18ct gold shell box with portrait miniature, by Peter Desvignes, London 1807

    Ref No. 04159 Details
  • George II ruby and diamond set gold cartouche shaped box, London c.1750, with mark of PP crowned,

    Ref No. 00315 Details
  • 19th century three colour gold rectangular basketweave box, Swiss c.1820,

    Ref No. 03246 Details
  • 19th century inlaid vari-coloured hardstones and gold canted rectangular box, Italian c.1820,

    Ref No. 02588 Details
  • George III 18ct gold oval engine turned box by John Ray & John Montague, London 1816,

    Ref No. 03183 Details
  • Empire French enamelled gold cut corner rectangular box, 1798-1809, maker's mark of Gabriel-Raoul Morel,

    Ref No. 03144 Details
  • 18th century German oval vari-colour gold and enamel box with figural scenes, Hanau, c.1775,

    Ref No. 03143 Details
  • George II gold mounted banded agate oval box, English c.1750, with hunting motifs,

    Ref No. 02959 Details
  • George II gold mounted brown banded agate cartouche shaped box, English c.1750,

    Ref No. 02958 Details
  • George II gold and vari-coloured agate box, English c.1750, of restrained cartouche form,

    Ref No. 02899 Details
  • 18th century gold mounted cartouche shaped lapis lazuli box, possibly Italian, circa 1735,

    Ref No. 02361 Details
  • 18th century banded agate and gold mounted rectangular box, English c.1760,

    Ref No. 01397 Details
  • 19th century Italian rectangular gold box by Giovanni Bellezza, Milan c.1840, the cover featuring a central medallion decorated in high relief with a Medieval figural scene depicting a man and woman seated and surrounded by advisors,

    Ref No. 01182 Details
  • Louis XV gold cartouche shaped box by Rene Devaux, Paris 1726-32,

    Ref No. 00850 Details
  • Louis XV four colour gold oval box by Dominique F Poitreau, Paris 1766,

    Ref No. 00849 Details
  • Louis XV vari-coloured oval gold box by Pierre Cerneau, Paris 1764, with trophies of love and gardening,

    Ref No. 00314 Details
  • Louis XV gold and enamel mounted Japanese lacquer snuff box by Jean Ducrollay, Paris, 1749, rectangular with cagework mounts,

    Ref No. 02118 Details
  • Louis XV gold mounted mother-of-pearl box, Paris 1738-1744,

    Ref No. 01400 Details
  • Antique French gold mounted lapis lazuli rectangular snuff box by Adrien-Jean-Maximilien Vachette, Paris c.1798,

    Ref No. 01396 Details
  • Louis XVI rectangular cut-corner rectangular gold mounted boite a cage by Adrien-Jean-Maximilien Vachette, Paris 1783,

    Ref No. 01399 Details