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Collection 5 Stone
  • Antique five stone cushion cut diamond ring, English c.1900,

    Ref No. 03532 Details
  • Late Victorian five stone diamond ring, c.1895, with graduated old round European cut diamonds,

    Ref No. 03081 Price £8,400 Details
  • Antique graduated diamond five stone ring, c.1900,

    Ref No. 02867 Details
  • Antique five stone diamond ring, c.1900, with graduated cushion cut stones,

    Ref No. 02674A1 Details
  • Antique five stone ruby ring, c.1900, the graduated Burma rubies of cushion and rounded facetted cut,

    Ref No. 02674A2 Details
  • An antique emerald five stone ring, c.1890,

    Ref No. 45510 Details
  • Late Victorian five stone emerald ring, English c.1890,

    Ref No. 42948 Details
  • 19th century five stone diamond ring, English c.1880,

    Ref No. 42078 Details
  • Victorian five stone diamond ring, c.1880

    Ref No. 39323 Details
  • Antique emerald and diamond 5 stone ring, carved gold sides, c.1850

    Ref No. 39146 Details