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Collection Antique
  • Antique enamel and diamond flowerhead brooch by Tiffany, c.1900, stylised anemone in lilac enamel shading yellow to centre,

    Ref No. 05406 Price £9,600 Details
  • Early 19th century ruby, emerald and diamond oval link bracelet, c.1820,

    Ref No. 05336 Details
  • Early 20th century white and coloured diamond line bracelet, c.1910, alternating brownish-yellow with brownish-pink and white old brilliant cut diamonds to the middle, graduated and collet set,

    Ref No. 05294 Details
  • Art Nouveau enamel, pearl and gold flower bracelet, American c.1900,

    Ref No. 05302 Price £3,600 Details
  • Gold and diamond set chevron strap bracelet by Cartier,

    Ref No. 05270 Details
  • Late 19th century ruby and diamond line bracelet, c.1890, formerly belonging to the Royal House of the Bourbon Parma family, with eight graduated cushion cut Burma rubies alternating seven old round brilliant and cushion cut diamonds,

    Ref No. 05261 Details
  • Pair of diamond and emerald palmette double clip brooches forming a bracelet by Cartier, Paris, the clips converting to form the centre of a three row cultured pearl bracelet,

    Ref No. 05254 Details
  • Art Deco three row lapis lazuli bead, carved ruby and diamond bracelet, c.1925,

    Ref No. 05245 Details
  • Early Art Deco sapphire and diamond three row strap bracelet, c.1920, with a central line of rectangular cut sapphires,

    Ref No. 04955 Details
  • Art Deco, onyx, corallium rubrum and pearl bracelet by Ghiso, Paris c.1920,

    Ref No. 04661 Details
  • 19th century diamond set cluster bracelet, c.1850, alternating circular clusters with double trefoil links,

    Ref No. 04553 Details
  • Early 19th century gold, diamond and enamel navette panel and multi chain bracelet, c.1810, the gold panel with turquoise-blue and white opaque enamel border,

    Ref No. 05031 Details
  • Early 19th century diamond openwork oval cluster bracelet, English, c.1820,

    Ref No. 04963 Details
  • 19th century ruby, coloured diamond and diamond bracelet, French c.1880,

    Ref No. 04834 Details
  • 19th century diamond openwork oval cluster bracelet, English c.1820,

    Ref No. 04776 Details
  • 20th century 18ct gold bombe link bracelet, Italian, c.1940,

    Ref No. 04710 Details
  • 19th century diamond navette cluster bracelet, c.1820

    Ref No. 04269 Details
  • 19th century diamond graduating foliate circle bracelet, probably Austrian c.1880

    Ref No. 04155 Details
  • 18th century golden topaz collet bracelet, c.1780, of fourteen oval facetted topaz cut-down collets, close set in gold

    Ref No. 04041 Details
  • 18th century golden topaz collet bracelet, c.1780, of fifteen oval facetted topaz cut-down collets, close set in gold

    Ref No. 04040 Details
  • Early 20th century cabochon emerald and diamond collet bracelet possibly by Marcus & Co., American c.1905

    Ref No. 04088 Details
  • Antique ruby and diamond navette cluster link bracelet, c.1900, possibly American,

    Ref No. 03833 Details
  • Mid-19th century amethyst and diamond cluster bracelet, c.1850,

    Ref No. 03651 Details
  • Early 20th century ruby and diamond line bracelet by Boucheron, Paris c.1915, alternating trios of French cut diamonds and rectangular cut Burma rubies,

    Ref No. 03290 Details
  • Art Nouveau 18ct gold oval leaf scroll and sapphire bracelet, French c.1900,

    Ref No. 03006 Details
  • 19th century enamel and gold articulated panel bracelet by Falize, Paris c.1880, featuring birds to one side and flowers to the other, of Persian and and Japanesque influence,

    Ref No. 02632 Details
  • 19th century diamond and sapphire ball and gold chain bracelet by Paul Robin, French c.1880,

    Ref No. 02625 Details
  • Victorian gold articulated strap bracelet, c.1860, alternating torpedo and convex baton shaped links forming a unified band,

    Ref No. 02621 Details
  • 19th century 18ct gold curblink bracelet with heart padlock pendant charm, English c.1880,

    Ref No. 02569 Price £4,200 Details
  • Late 19th century cabochon ruby and diamond two row bracelet by Koch, German c.1895,

    Ref No. 01699A2 Details
  • Antique diamond oval link necklace, c.1810, converting to bracelets and or shorter necklace,

    Ref No. 02237 Details
  • 19th century sapphire, diamond and gold circle bracelet, French c.1880,

    Ref No. 00921 Details
  • 20th century emerald and diamond snake bangle, c.1920,

    Ref No. 01781 Details