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Collection Antique
  • Late 19th century gold, pearl and diamond bracelet, French c.1895,

    Ref No. 02626 Price £4,200 Details
  • 19th century diamond and sapphire ball and gold chain bracelet by Paul Robin, French c.1880,

    Ref No. 02625 Details
  • 19th century gold articulated strap bracelet, c.1860, alternating torpedo and convex baton shaped links forming a unified band,

    Ref No. 02621 Details
  • 19th century articulated diamond trefoil stem bracelet, c.1890,

    Ref No. 02612 Details
  • Antique gold, ruby and diamond openwork link bracelet, French c.1890,

    Ref No. 02437A6 Price £6,000 Details
  • 19th century 18ct gold curblink bracelet with heart padlock pendant charm, English c.1880,

    Ref No. 02569 Price £4,200 Details
  • Antique gold and diamond garland wreath link bracelet, French c.1895,

    Ref No. 02554 Price £5,600 Details
  • Antique gold and coloured gem bracelet, French c.1900,

    Ref No. 02532 Price £4,600 Details
  • 19th century blue guilloche enamel and gold bracelet and heart charm pendant, c.1840,

    Ref No. 02478 Details
  • Queen Anne diamond cluster panel bracelet, English c.1710,

    Ref No. 02463 Details
  • 19th century cabochon garnet and gold tapering bracelet, French c.1840,

    Ref No. 02458 Details
  • 19th century tapering diamond link bracelet, c.1850,

    Ref No. 02456 Details
  • Antique diamond oval link necklace, c.1810, converting to bracelets and or shorter necklace,

    Ref No. 02237 Details
  • 19th century diamond oval link bracelet, English c.1850,

    Ref No. 44290 Details
  • 18th century graduated rose cut diamond bracelet, c.1770,

    Ref No. 00918 Details
  • 19th century sapphire, diamond and gold circle bracelet, French c.1880,

    Ref No. 00921 Details
  • 19th century archaeological revival gold and cornelian scarab bracelet, Italian c.1860,

    Ref No. 42270 Details
  • 19th century gold, sapphire and diamond articulated lozenge collet strap bracelet, French c.1880,

    Ref No. 01843 Details
  • 20th century emerald and diamond snake bangle, c.1920,

    Ref No. 01781 Details
  • Set of two early 19th century vari-coloured gem and diamond cluster bracelets, French c.1820, forming a choker necklace,

    Ref No. 01619 Details
  • Antique gold and enamel bangle with pierced detail, c.1860,

    Ref No. 00644 Details
  • Antique golden topaz and gold collet bracelet, c.1780,

    Ref No. 44652 Details
  • 19th century French gold bracelet with an enamel neoclassical profile by Frederic Boucheron, Paris c.1880,

    Ref No. 43340 Details