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  • Early 20th century cabochon amethyst and diamond cluster brooch by Tiffany & Co., c.1910,

    Ref No. 02459 Details
  • Antique vari-coloured gem, pearl and diamond necklace c.1800, and a similar pair of later-made earrings,

    Ref No. 02418 Details
  • Early 20th century ruby and diamond longchain necklace, c.1915, formerly belonging to Mrs Flora Sassoon (1859-1936),

    Ref No. 02417 Details
  • Early 20th century three stone diamond and sapphire cluster ring, c.1915, formerly belonging to Mrs Flora Sassoon (1859-1936),

    Ref No. 02416 Details
  • Antique pearl and diamond longchain sautoir necklace, c.1900, formerly belonging to Mrs Flora Sassoon (1859-1936),

    Ref No. 02415 Details
  • 19th century ruby, emerald, diamond and natural pearl scallop shell pendant, c.1880, formerly belonging to Mrs Flora Sassoon (1859-1936),

    Ref No. 02414 Details
  • 19th century ruby and diamond butterfly brooch,

    Ref No. 02407 Details
  • Early 19th century graduated peridot, garnet, topaz, sapphire and diamond bracelet, c.1810,

    Ref No. 02406 Details
  • 19th century cabochon ruby and diamond cross pendant, c.1880,

    Ref No. 02404 Details
  • 19th century Burma ruby and diamond cross pendant, c.1850,

    Ref No. 02403 Details
  • Antique golden topaz and amethyst flowerhead necklace with topaz cross pendant, c.1810,

    Ref No. 02402 Details
  • Mid-19th century turquoise and diamond heart with cross pendant, c.1850,

    Ref No. 02401 Details
  • 19th century garnet and diamond pendant on a chain necklace, c.1830,

    Ref No. 02400 Details
  • Antique three stone cushion cut diamond cluster brooch, c.1800, on openwork oblong form,

    Ref No. 02393 Details
  • Pair of early 19th century graduated diamond hoop earrings, c.1810,

    Ref No. 02392 Details
  • 19th century diamond, ruby and gold double snake's head ring, c.1880,

    Ref No. 02388 Price £5,000 Details
  • Antique emerald and diamond ovoid cluster clasp, c.1900,

    Ref No. 02387A3 Price £4,200 Details
  • Diamond set waisted barrel clasp for multiple rows,

    Ref No. 02387A2 Price £6,000 Details
  • Marquise diamond and calibre cut ruby cluster clasp with fittings for a single row,

    Ref No. 02387A1 Price £3,800 Details
  • Mid-20th century diamond scroll cluster brooch by Cartier, probably London, c.1955,

    Ref No. 00216 Details
  • Early 19th century cushion diamond cluster ring, c.1820,

    Ref No. 02475 Details
  • Antique diamond link necklace of 18 oval sections, one as clasp, gold and silver set, c.1820

    Ref No. 02473 Details
  • Antique pave set diamond heart pendant, slightly bombe with three rows of cushion diamonds around a larger diamond to centre, diamond set suspension loop, together with brooch and ring fitting

    Ref No. 02471 Price £4,200 Details
  • Brilliant cut diamond single stone ring, tapered diamond shoulders and fully set diamond scroll mount, approx 4ct

    Ref No. 02470 Details
  • Queen Anne diamond cluster panel bracelet, English c.1710,

    Ref No. 02463 Details
  • Antique diamond graduating collet necklace, c.1850, of 39 cushion and old-mine cut diamond collets, one as clasp, open set in gold and silver

    Ref No. 02461 Details
  • Cabochon amethyst and diamond pendant, hung with a principal drop shaped amethyst,

    Ref No. 02460 Details
  • 19th century cabochon garnet and gold tapering bracelet, French c.1840,

    Ref No. 02458 Details