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  • Lapis lazuli, enamel and gem set domed 'Archer' style ring, possibly Austrian,

    Ref No. 02158 Details
  • Pair of diamond, onyx and black enamel square panel cufflinks set in 18ct white gold with a matching tie pin, French circa 1920.

    Ref No. 02153A2 Price £1,400 Details
  • Pair of antique lilac and white enamel circular panel cufflinks, circa 1900, close set in 18ct yellow gold.

    Ref No. 02153A1 Price £1,800 Details
  • 18th century diampond, sapphire and green paste target cluster ring, close set in silver and gold, English circa 1760

    Ref No. 02152 Details
  • Antique salmon-coloured enamel, diamond and rose diamond and diamond pansy brooch, circa 1890

    Ref No. 02151A1 Price £4,200 Details
  • Antique ruby and diamond suite of necklace with cross pendant-brooch and two bracelets, c.1800,

    Ref No. 02146 Details
  • Pair of 19th century gold fringe drop pendant earrings, English c.1870,

    Ref No. 02139 Price £5,400 Details
  • Pair of early 20th century diamond teardrop panel pendant earrings, c.1915,

    Ref No. 02138 Details
  • Antique moonstone heart, diamond and ruby heart pendant, c.1910,

    Ref No. 02137 Price £8,000 Details
  • Single stone old cut diamond collet ring, antique style,

    Ref No. 02136 Details
  • Early 20th century small pearl and platinum very long chain necklace, c.1915,

    Ref No. 02135 Details
  • Late 19th century ruby and diamond heart pendant, c.1890, on a later gold chain necklace,

    Ref No. 02134 Details
  • Early 20th century cushion diamond cluster ring by Marcus, American c.1910,

    Ref No. 02133 Details
  • Antique cushion cut diamond ring, c.1790, with smaller diamond shoulder stones,

    Ref No. 02132 Price £7,600 Details
  • Art Deco gold geometric cone collar necklace, 1935,

    Ref No. 02131 Details
  • Louis XV gold and enamel mounted Japanese lacquer snuff box by Jean Ducrollay, Paris, 1749, rectangular with cagework mounts,

    Ref No. 02118 Details
  • 19th century golden topaz necklace with cross pendant-brooch and pair of pendant earrings en suite, c.1840,

    Ref No. 01885 Details
  • Pair of early 20th century ruby and diamond heart cluster earrings, c.1915,

    Ref No. 01494 Details
  • Pair of diamond and enamel ladybird cufflinks by Cartier, Paris,

    Ref No. 01992 Details
  • Diamond and emerald strap bracelet by Charlton, American,

    Ref No. 01990 Details
  • Pair of diamond two row graduated hoop earrings,

    Ref No. 01986 Details
  • Pair of mid-20th century diamond pendant earrings by Cartier, Paris c.1955,

    Ref No. 01970 Details
  • 19th century Austrian pearl and diamond scroll corsage brooch by A E KOchert, Vienna c.1890, formerly belonging to the House of Habsburg,

    Ref No. 01965 Details
  • Pair of antique pear shaped diamond and platinum pendant earrings, c.1895, cut-down collet set,

    Ref No. 01911A1 Details
  • Diamond tiara of geometric design, converting to form clip brooches and bracelet, English, possibly by Garrard & Co.,

    Ref No. 01898 Details
  • George V silver rectangular portrait photograph frame by A & J Zimmerman, Birmingham 1910, 6¾ x 4½'' aperture,

    Ref No. 01847 Price £760 Details
  • Set of Early 19th century gold, ruby, emerald and banded agate nicolo intaglio jewellery, Italian c.1820, the intalgios c.1800, comprising a fringe necklace, a bracelet, a brooch and two clips,

    Ref No. 01771 Details
  • Empire French rectangular gold box by Alexandre Raoul Morel, Paris 1833-1838, the cover applied with crowned diamond monogram for Louis Phillippe,

    Ref No. 01767 Details