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Collection Beakers and Goblets
  • Modern sterling silver 'Dining Room' beaker, plain straight tapered with gilt interior

    Ref No. 88928 Price £760 Details
  • Modern sterling silver parcel-gilt beaker with flared lip, straight sides, on stepped collet foot, after an Elizabethan original Ref: bcl

    Ref No. 88905 Price £1,800 Details
  • Modern sterling silver flared lip flat base beaker with straight sides, gilt interior Ref:bfl

    Ref No. 88906 Price £760 Details
  • Modern sterling silver goblet after a Charles II original, with flared rim, gilt interior, baluster stem and round base Stock Ref: BC2

    Ref No. 88900 Price £800 Details
  • Set of six modern Britannia standard silver stacking beakers, of campana shape with flared lip, decreasing in size for one cup to sit inside the other Ref:B6S

    Ref No. 88901 Price £2,400 Details