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Collection Necklaces
  • Antique moonstone and diamond graduated chain necklace, c.1900,

    Ref No. 02840 Details
  • 19th century graduated amethyst collet necklace, c.1880,

    Ref No. 02839 Details
  • Early 20th century diamond garland chain necklace with pierced panel motif, c.1905,

    Ref No. 02832 Details
  • Platinum, sapphire and diamond woven collar necklace, c.1970, designed as a flexible strand,

    Ref No. 02820 Details
  • 19th century gold muff long chain necklace with gem set hand clasp, c.1820,

    Ref No. 02813 Details
  • 19th century diamond set cluster and scroll choker necklace, c.1890,

    Ref No. 02796 Details
  • Gold retro fringe necklace hung with reeded arch panels,

    Ref No. 02784 Details
  • Mid-20th century 18ct yellow gold double curblink collar necklace by Chaumet, Paris, with London import hallmarks for 1957, converting to a pair of bracelets,

    Ref No. 02779 Details
  • 19th century emerald and diamond pendant chain necklace, c.1850,

    Ref No. 02721 Details
  • 18ct gold circle and triple-band 'trinity' link necklace by Cartier, 1990s,

    Ref No. 02673A1 Details
  • 19th century cabochon garnet and gold fringe necklace, c.1870,

    Ref No. 02658 Details
  • 19th century pearl, diamond, ruby, sapphire and gold necklace by Georges Le Sache, Paris c.1880,

    Ref No. 02654 Details
  • Art Deco diamond and platinum baton link chain necklace, c.1925,

    Ref No. 02653 Details
  • 18ct gold baton link and cornelian bead necklace,

    Ref No. 02668 Details
  • Early 20th century spectacle set diamond longchain necklace, c.1915,

    Ref No. 02667 Details
  • 19th century graduated cushion diamond collet necklace, c.1840,

    Ref No. 02587A1 Details
  • Early 20th century diamond triple cluster and chain necklace, c.1910,

    Ref No. 02437A4 Details
  • 18ct yellow gold long chain necklace, with fancy elongated curblinks,

    Ref No. 02572 Details
  • Early 20th century platinum, diamond and pearl very long chain necklace, c.1915,

    Ref No. 02530 Details
  • Early 20th century seed pearl chain necklace, c.1910, spaced by florette clusters,

    Ref No. 02509 Price £3,600 Details
  • Antique diamond graduating collet necklace, c.1850, of 39 cushion and old-mine cut diamond collets, one as clasp, open set in gold and silver

    Ref No. 02461 Details
  • Antique vari-coloured gem, pearl and diamond necklace c.1800, and a similar pair of later-made earrings,

    Ref No. 02418 Price £0 Details
  • Early 20th century ruby and diamond longchain necklace, c.1915, formerly belonging to Mrs Flora Sassoon (1859-1936),

    Ref No. 02417 Details
  • Antique golden topaz, amethyst and gem set flowerhead necklace with topaz cross pendant, c.1810,

    Ref No. 02402 Details
  • Antique graduated diamond set oval link necklace, c.1820,

    Ref No. 02473 Details
  • Art Deco diamond and sapphire necklace by Cartier, London c.1925, converting to bracelets or collar and bracelet,

    Ref No. 00573 Details
  • Art Deco sapphire, diamond and pearl pendant sautoir necklace, French c.1920,

    Ref No. 00266 Details
  • 19th century gold long muff chain necklace hung with a later embossed gold double hinged locket with portrait miniature, the chain c.1820, the locket c.1835,

    Ref No. 02355 Details
  • Three row graduated lapis lazuli bead necklace with diamond clasp by Van Cleef & Arpels, c.1925,

    Ref No. 02338 Details
  • Antique gold longchain necklace, French c.1890, with navette shaped links,

    Ref No. 02298 Price £9,600 Details
  • Antique 18ct gold baton and florette long chain necklace, c.1900,

    Ref No. 02262 Details
  • Antique golden topaz and diamond collet necklace, c.1805, formerly belonging to Gloria, the late Dowager Countess Bathurst,

    Ref No. 02242A1 Details
  • Antique diamond oval link necklace, c.1810, converting to bracelets and or shorter necklace,

    Ref No. 02237 Details
  • Antique graduated diamond collet necklace, English c,1890,

    Ref No. 02214 Details
  • Mid-20th century turquoise bead and seed pearl three-row necklace by Cartier, c.1960, possibly New York, converting to a shorter necklace and bracelet,

    Ref No. 02207 Details
  • 19th century turquoise cameo and diamond cluster necklace and pair of earrings en suite, c.1850, depicting various classical figural scenes from mythology,

    Ref No. 02173 Details
  • Gold, ruby and diamond necklace by Van Cleef & Arpels,

    Ref No. 47465 Details
  • Early 19th century oval link diamond necklace forming a pair of bracelets, English c.1820,

    Ref No. 47217 Details
  • 19th century foiled amethyst and pearl cluster necklace and cross brooch-pendant, English c.1830,

    Ref No. 47127 Details
  • 18th century diamond foliate scroll cluster necklace, c.1740,

    Ref No. 46253 Details
  • Mid-20th century ruby and diamond cluster necklace, c.1955, with a zig-zag fringe of Burma rubies,

    Ref No. 46953A1 Details
  • Early 20th century two-row pearl, sapphire and diamond long chain necklace, c.1915,

    Ref No. 01670 Details
  • Early 20th century celadon jade, white enamel and diamond necklace, c.1915, attributed to Cartier,

    Ref No. 02123 Details
  • 19th century graduated carved corallium bead necklace, c.1840,

    Ref No. 00132 Details
  • Antique gold, enamel, coloured diamond and vari-coloured gem pendant necklace by Louis Comfort Tiffany, c.1910, Tiffany & Co.,

    Ref No. 01989 Details
  • Antique gold longchain necklace with buds, c.1900,

    Ref No. 02044 Details
  • Antique gold longchain necklace with poppy motifs, c.1890,

    Ref No. 02043 Details
  • Antique 18ct gold fancy scroll link chain, c.1900,

    Ref No. 01994 Price £6,000 Details
  • Mid 20th century diamond line necklace, c.1950, box collet set in platinum with 105 uniform round brilliant cut diamonds

    Ref No. 01595 Details
  • 19th century amethyst collet cross pendant necklace and earrings en suite, c.1850,

    Ref No. 01905 Details
  • Edwardian Burma ruby, diamond and seed pearl pendant sautoir necklace, c.1905,

    Ref No. 48564 Details
  • Early 20th centrury diamond garland swag necklace, French c.1905,

    Ref No. 42599 Details
  • Early 20th century diamond and sapphire pendant, French c.1910, formerly belonging to Cornelia, Countess of Craven,

    Ref No. 48281 Details
  • Round brilliant and baguette cut diamond geometric fringe necklace, French,

    Ref No. 43506 Details
  • Coloured pearl and diamond necklace,

    Ref No. 39501A1 Details
  • 19th century gold classical revival fringe necklace, c.1870, with stylised amphorae shaped droplets,

    Ref No. 01832 Price £9,000 Details
  • 19th century graduated diamond collet necklace, English c.1880,

    Ref No. 01570 Details
  • Vari-coloured diamond spectacle set long chain necklace, 84.47ct in total,

    Ref No. 35410C6 Details
  • Antique fancy navette link gold chain necklace, c.1900,

    Ref No. 00762 Price £3,600 Details
  • Early 20th century pearl and diamond long chain necklace, c.1910,

    Ref No. 48021A1 Price £9,200 Details
  • Platinum fetter link long chain necklace spaced by three diamond set cluster links,

    Ref No. 47552 Price £3,000 Details
  • Two colour 14ct gold ropetwist chain, alternating white and rose gold sections

    Ref No. 46362 Price £3,600 Details
  • Diamond and ruby bead and pearl gold chain necklace,

    Ref No. 45372 Details
  • 19th century gold, pearl and diamond collar necklace, c.1880,

    Ref No. 45950 Details
  • Early 20th century demantoid garnet and diamond spectacle set chain necklace, probably American c.1915

    Ref No. 40717 Details
  • Art Deco platinum, diamond baton and pearl set chain necklace, c.1920,

    Ref No. 43964 Price £9,000 Details
  • Square and rectangular cut diamond necklace by Cartier, London,

    Ref No. 01737 Details
  • Graduated diamond line collar necklace by Van Cleef & Arpels, Paris, scalloped edged,

    Ref No. 01704 Details
  • Graduated diamond line collar necklace by Cartier, Paris, scalloped edged,

    Ref No. 01705 Details
  • Set of two early 19th century vari-coloured gem and diamond cluster bracelets, French c.1820, forming a choker necklace,

    Ref No. 01619 Details
  • Antique diamond necklace of 19 graduating oval openwork links, open set in gold and silver

    Ref No. 01576 Details
  • Emerald bead and diamond long chain necklace,

    Ref No. 01509 Details
  • Antique ropetwist gold and demantoid garnet long chain necklace, English c.1900,

    Ref No. 01308 Price £8,400 Details
  • Early 20th century platinum oval link and seed pearl chain necklace, c.1905,

    Ref No. 01289 Price £5,600 Details
  • Early 20th century platinum and pearl chain necklace, French c.1910,

    Ref No. 01039 Price £3,600 Details
  • 19th century graduated orange topaz and gold necklace, c.1870,

    Ref No. 00907 Details
  • Early 20th century pearl and platinum long chain necklace by Cartier, Paris c.1910,

    Ref No. 00800 Details
  • 19th century sapphire and diamond graduated cluster necklace, c.1880,

    Ref No. 00799 Details
  • Early 20th century two row pearl necklace on a diamond panel clasp, c.1915,

    Ref No. 00680 Details
  • Art Deco three row turquoise bead and carved lapis lazuli panel necklace by Marchak, Paris c.1930,

    Ref No. 00678 Details
  • Platinum and pearl chain necklace,

    Ref No. 00532 Price £6,400 Details
  • Early 20th century pearl longchain necklace, c.1910,

    Ref No. 00473 Price £9,000 Details
  • 19th century emerald, ruby, enamel and gold articulated snake necklace, Swiss c.1840,

    Ref No. 00200 Details
  • 19th century gold, enamel and carved hardstone Egyptian revival fringe necklace, Rome c.1875, possibly by Cesare Roccheggiani,

    Ref No. 48580 Details
  • Early 20th century spectacle set marquise diamond long chain necklace, c.1915,

    Ref No. 46918 Details
  • Early 20th century single stone sapphire, pearl and diamond pendant by Cartier, Paris 1910, workshop mark of Henri Picq, together with a diamond set necklace, the pendant set with a round cut Ceylon sapphire 14.65ct,

    Ref No. 43925 Details
  • Art Nouveau pear shaped diamond set necklace, American c.1900, hung with a 7.15ct H IF Type IIa pear shaped diamond drop to the front

    Ref No. 39636 Details
  • Aquamarine and diamond necklace with principal marquise cut aquamarine to the front,

    Ref No. 30604A7 Details
  • Late 19th century gold mesh, coloured gem and seed pearl choker necklace, c.1895,

    Ref No. 43975A1 Details
  • 17th century gold chain necklace and cross pendant, English c.1680,

    Ref No. 47107 Details
  • 19th century gold, ruby and sapphire necklace by Castellani, Rome c.1870,

    Ref No. 46896 Details
  • Early 20th century ruby and diamond tiered pendant necklace, made in France c.1910, probably for Dreicer & Co. New York,

    Ref No. 46629 Details
  • Natural coloured pearl chain necklace, in various shades of brown, grey and black, some iridescent, each with platinum trace link in between

    Ref No. 25123A1 Details
  • Platinum and pearl chain, c.1930, the elongated split links spaced by shaped oval pearls,

    Ref No. 45806 Details
  • Early 20th century diamond set chain necklace,

    Ref No. 41339 Details
  • Antique yellow and white diamond and platinum garland necklace, c.1900, with later tiara frame,

    Ref No. 45155 Details
  • Antique diamond and bloodstone baton chain necklace, c.1890,

    Ref No. 43624 Details
  • 18th century chrysolite flower and bow pendant necklace, Portuguese c.1770,

    Ref No. 42859 Details
  • Antique diamond pendant necklace by Cartier, Paris c.1905, of 18th century style

    Ref No. 40730 Details
  • 19th century gold, corallium rubrum and enamel fringe necklace and pair of earrings en suite by Robert Phillips of Cockspur Street, London c.1870

    Ref No. 40431 Details