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Collection Insects and Animals
  • 18th century diamond and ruby St. Esprit bird brooch-pendant, c.1760, with wings outstretched, viewed from above, suspending a drop shaped ruby from its beak, two small ruby eyes and set with small cushion cut diamonds to the head, wings and tail, five larger cushion cut diamonds to the body and upper wings, close set in silver and gold, later brooch fitting, small pendant loop

    Ref No. 04287 Details
  • Gold, pearl and gem set poodle dog brooch by Cartier, possibly London, the characterful textured gold dog modelled sitting upright with articulated head and gold chainmail flapping ears, clusters of small pearls set to front legs, jowls and head forming the curly fur, the eyes set each with a cabochon sapphire, wearing a channel set collar of calibre cut sapphires, the head rotating and moveable, signed 'Cartier' and with serial number L216.

    Ref No. 04059 Details
  • 19th century diamond bee brooch, c.1880, modelled from above with wings outstretched, a principal cushion cut diamond to the thorax of approximately 1.10ct,

    Ref No. 03886 Details
  • Turquoise and diamond cluster turtle brooch by Cartier, Paris,

    Ref No. 03797 Details
  • 19th century pearl, diamond and gem set fly brooch c.1880, with cushion cut orangey-brown diamond thorax in rode cut diamond cluster, a tabular barqoue pearl and emeralds forming the abdomen,

    Ref No. 03747 Details
  • Art Deco carved sapphire, diamond and gem flying goose brooch by Cartier,

    Ref No. 03707 Details
  • 19th century diamond and demantoid garnet frog brooch, c.1880,

    Ref No. 03689A2 Details
  • 19th century diamond and emerald frog brooch, c.1860, the almost lifesize form naturalistically modelled,

    Ref No. 03689A1 Details
  • Antique diamond and gem set butterfly brooch c.1800, with emeralds, rubies, sapphires and chrysoberyls,

    Ref No. 03461 Details
  • 19th century demantoid garnet and gem set silver owl's head brooch, c.1890,

    Ref No. 03321 Price £8,000 Details
  • Diamond, jade and ruby swan brooch by Cartier Paris, of characterful geometric design with articulated neck and legs,

    Ref No. 02865 Details
  • Diamond and gem greyhound dog brooch, French, in running pose,

    Ref No. 02795 Details
  • 19th century emerald and diamond insect brooch, c.1840, set with Colombian emeralds,

    Ref No. 02771 Details
  • 19th century diamond cluster butterfly brooch, c.1840,

    Ref No. 02717 Details
  • Diamond turtle brooch, Monture Cartier, Paris, the back formed by a principal old oval cut diamond,

    Ref No. 02443 Details
  • 19th century sapphire and diamond bee brooch, c.1870,

    Ref No. 48160 Details
  • Mid-20th century diamond and black enamel dog brooch, c.1940, possibly American,

    Ref No. 45757 Details
  • Diamond, rock crystal and black enamel dog's head brooch,

    Ref No. 47773 Details
  • Antique demantoid garnet, diamond, ruby and gold beetle brooch, c.1900,

    Ref No. 01629 Details
  • Mid-20th century gold, citrine, emerald, ruby and diamond bird brooch by Cartier, c.1965,

    Ref No. 01527 Details
  • Carved emerald, diamond and gem set duck brooch by Cartier,

    Ref No. 00245 Details
  • Ruby, diamond and enamel geometric bird brooch by Cartier, London,

    Ref No. 48213 Details