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Collection Louis XV
  • Louis XV coloured gold rectangular box by Charles Le Bastier, Paris 1757,

    Ref No. 68393 Details
  • French Regence gold mounted pique and mother-of-pearl box, Paris 1717-1722,

    Ref No. 67948 Details
  • Louis XV oval three colour gold box by Jean Formey, Paris 1764,

    Ref No. 67171 Details
  • Louis XV rectangular chased four colour gold box by Johann Friedrich Buttner, Strasbourg c.1760,

    Ref No. 64615 Details
  • Louis XV coloured gold oval box by Jean-Baptiste Carnay, Paris 1764,

    Ref No. 63281 Details
  • Louis XV oval vari-coloured gold box by Noel Hardivilliers, Paris 1766,

    Ref No. 62046 Details
  • Louis XVI vari-coloured gold mounted tortoiseshell and portrait miniature box by Francois Delanoy, Paris 1779, the miniature of the Comte d'Angiviller by Jean-Baptiste Weyler (French 1747-1791),

    Ref No. 61299 Details
  • Louis XV vari-coloured oblong gold box, Paris 1762,

    Ref No. 61203 Details
  • Louis XVI oval gold and moss agate style enamel box by Pierre-Robert Dezarot, Paris 1778,

    Ref No. 61043 Details
  • Louis XV enamelled gold oval snuff box by Claude Perron, Paris 1772, cover and base with oval monochrome miniatures by Philipp Ernst Schindler II

    Ref No. 55612 Details
  • Louis XV coloured gold rectangular box by Nicolas Delions, Paris, 1761,

    Ref No. 53625 Details
  • Louis XV coloured gold oval box, Paris 1758, attributed to Henry Daniel Robineau

    Ref No. 53623 Details
  • Louis XV gold cartouche shaped box by Rene Devaux, Paris 1726-32,

    Ref No. 00850 Details
  • Louis XV four colour gold oval box by Dominique F Poitreau, Paris 1766,

    Ref No. 00849 Details
  • Louis XV vari-coloured oval gold box by Pierre Cerneau, Paris 1764, with trophies of love and gardening,

    Ref No. 00314 Details
  • Louis XV gold and enamel mounted Japanese lacquer snuff box by Jean Ducrollay, Paris, 1749, rectangular with cagework mounts,

    Ref No. 02118 Details
  • Louis XV gold mounted mother-of-pearl box, Paris 1738-1744,

    Ref No. 01400 Details