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Collection 18th. century
  • 18th century cushion cut diamond cluster ring, English c.1770,

    Ref No. 02735 Details
  • Antique cushion cut diamond two row half-hoop ring, c.1800, with later memorial dedication,

    Ref No. 02722 Price £9,000 Details
  • 18th century diamond circular cluster ring, c.1790, with a central principal old cut diamond,

    Ref No. 02718 Details
  • 18th century ruby and diamond twin heart ring, c.1750,

    Ref No. 02519 Price £9,600 Details
  • George III diamond cluster ring, central old cushion-shaped diamond, c.1780,

    Ref No. 02577 Details
  • Antique three stone diamond ring, c.1870,

    Ref No. 01097 Details
  • Antique turquoise and diamond heart-and-crown target cluster ring, c.1800,

    Ref No. 00212 Price £9,000 Details
  • Late 18th century ruby and diamond twin heart and coronet ring, c.1780,

    Ref No. 48808 Price £7,000 Details
  • 18th century ruby and diamond double heart ring, c.1750,

    Ref No. 46274 Details
  • Antique rose diamond fancy cluster ring, as a vase of flowers with silver scrollwork, close set in silver with engraved back, gold shank, Portuguese, c.1740

    Ref No. 36627 Details