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Collection Bracelets
  • Art Deco diamond and onyx slim strap bracelet by Cartier, c.1920, with a line of round brilliant cut diamonds along the openwork middle, framed by calibre cut onyx and single cut diamonds alternating at the articulated link sections, mounted in platinum, signed 'CARTIER' and with serial number 6441544

    Ref No. 03928 Details
  • Early 20th century emerald and diamond tapering bracelet by Lacloche, Paris c.1915, spaced to the middle by three rectangular cut emeralds, of approximately 2.45cts,

    Ref No. 03879A3 Details
  • Art Deco diamond strap bracelet by Lacloche, Paris c.1925, alternating oblong and rectangular articulated sections,

    Ref No. 03879A1 Details
  • Art Deco corallium rubrum and diamond bracelet by Cartier, London c.1930,

    Ref No. 03870 Details
  • Antique ruby and diamond navette cluster link bracelet, c.1900, possibly American,

    Ref No. 03833 Details
  • Mid-20th century 18ct gold large tracelink bracelet by Chaumet, Paris c.1955, the bold oval links of heavy gauge,

    Ref No. 03786 Details
  • Antique 18ct gold and diamond oval panel bracelet, French c.1900,

    Ref No. 03780 Price £4,200 Details
  • Gold bold link bracelet by Cartier, possibly New York, the drop shaped links of square section,

    Ref No. 03777 Details
  • 19th century woven gold bracelet with gold and enamel hand clasp, c.1840,

    Ref No. 03742 Details
  • Early 20th century diamond box collet line bracelet, French c.1915,

    Ref No. 03711 Details
  • Early 19th century belcher link chain bracelet with hand clasp, c.1820,

    Ref No. 03710 Price £7,600 Details
  • Mid-19th century gold, diamond and royal blue enamel hinged bangle, c.1850, with heart locket and diamond dove,

    Ref No. 03699 Details
  • Mid-19th century amethyst and diamond cluster bracelet, c.1850,

    Ref No. 03651 Details
  • 19th century gold, pearl, diamond and gem set flaring leaf cuff bracelet, c.1835, of coronet shape,

    Ref No. 03498 Details
  • Early 20th century emerald line bracelet by Cartier, c.1915, possibly New York,

    Ref No. 03430 Details
  • Two matching pairs of diamond, sapphire and ruby interchangeable clip brooches by Cartier, London, with bangle and earring fittings,

    Ref No. 03406 Details
  • Art Deco diamond line bracelet, c.1920, box collet set with 38 round brilliant cut diamonds,

    Ref No. 03361 Details
  • 19th century gold and gem set heart bracelet, c.1840, with nine bombe hearts on a hand clasp,

    Ref No. 03353 Details
  • Early 20th century diamond line bracelet, c.1915, box collet set with 40 old round brilliant cut diamonds,

    Ref No. 03304 Price £10,000 Details
  • Pair of gold woven curblink bracelets by Cartier, Paris, longer and shorter lengths forming a collar necklace,

    Ref No. 03289 Details
  • 19th century gold embossed figural panel bracelet, French c.1880, with putti and satyr,

    Ref No. 03235 Details
  • 18ct gold ropetwist mesh chain bracelet, London import marks for 1977, the band of three rows of ropetwist circles joined by knuckle links,

    Ref No. 03179A2 Price £9,000 Details
  • Art Deco graduated amber, sapphire and gold bracelet by Chaumet, Paris c.1925,

    Ref No. 03049 Details
  • 18ct gold spiral scrolling leaf bracelet by Cartier, made in Italy probably for New York retail, the curved section bracelet formed of a series of elongated S scroll leaves,

    Ref No. 03200 Details
  • Early Art Deco ruby and diamond three row strap bracelet, c.1920, probably American,

    Ref No. 03191 Details
  • Art Deco emerald and diamond line bracelet by J E Caldwell, American,

    Ref No. 03190 Details
  • Early 20th century platinum and rose cut diamond baton link bracelet, French c.1905,

    Ref No. 03167 Price £4,200 Details
  • Gold gaspipe bracelet, French, the rounded tubular form with typical concertina type action,

    Ref No. 03123 Details
  • Art Deco gold and gem set hinged bangle, c.1927, formed of three curved panels in gold, with zodiac symbols, figures and letters in a distinctive pierced and raised geometric patterns,

    Ref No. 03098 Details
  • Mid-20th century three colour gold strap bracelet, French c.1940, with makers' mark for Gross & Cie,

    Ref No. 03076 Details
  • Art Nouveau 18ct gold oval leaf scroll and sapphire bracelet, French c.1900,

    Ref No. 03006 Details
  • Mid-20th century 18ct gold retro bracelet, c.1940,

    Ref No. 02982 Details
  • Mid-20th century gold, diamond and rock crystal bracelet by Van Cleef & Arpels, New York, c.1940, made in France,

    Ref No. 02965 Details
  • Antique gold laurel wreath bracelet, c.1900, the ovoid leaf textured links featuring rose cut diamonds to alternate join-links,

    Ref No. 02872 Price £9,600 Details
  • Gold and diamond cone link bracelet by Marchak, Paris, after the Chapeau Chinois design by Van Cleef & Arpels,

    Ref No. 02853 Details
  • Antique gold, ruby and diamond bracelet, French c.1900,

    Ref No. 02828 Price £5,600 Details
  • 19th century 18ct gold orchid flowerhead bracelet, c.1880, possibly American,

    Ref No. 02821 Details
  • 19th century yellow gold, emerald and diamond granulated shell link bracelet, English c.1825,

    Ref No. 02650 Details
  • Sapphire and ruby bead bracelet with diamond rondels, on a diamond and ruby clasp,

    Ref No. 02786 Details
  • Early 20th century sapphire and diamond bracelet, c.1920,

    Ref No. 02767 Details
  • Art Deco diamond and black enamel open link bracelet, French c.1925, retailed by Fontana,

    Ref No. 02666 Details
  • 19th century enamel and gold articulated panel bracelet by Falize, Paris c.1880, featuring birds to one side and flowers to the other, of Persian and and Japanesque influence,

    Ref No. 02632 Details
  • 19th century diamond and sapphire ball and gold chain bracelet by Paul Robin, French c.1880,

    Ref No. 02625 Details
  • Victorian gold articulated strap bracelet, c.1860, alternating torpedo and convex baton shaped links forming a unified band,

    Ref No. 02621 Details
  • Early 20th century ruby and diamond line bracelet, c.1910,

    Ref No. 02549 Details
  • 19th century 18ct gold curblink bracelet with heart padlock pendant charm, English c.1880,

    Ref No. 02569 Price £4,200 Details
  • Queen Anne diamond cluster panel bracelet, English c.1710,

    Ref No. 02463 Details
  • 19th century tapering diamond link bracelet, c.1850,

    Ref No. 02456 Details
  • Art Deco sapphire line bracelet by Cartier, Paris c.1925,

    Ref No. 02439 Details
  • Marquise and French cut diamond triple line strap bracelet,

    Ref No. 00547 Details
  • Antique diamond oval link necklace, c.1810, converting to bracelets and or shorter necklace,

    Ref No. 02237 Details
  • Corallium rubrum, diamond, enamel and gold dragon's head bangle, French,

    Ref No. 00302 Details
  • Diamond line bracelet by Tiffany, c.1915,

    Ref No. 47357 Details
  • Antique French diamond and black onyx bracelet,

    Ref No. 47319 Details
  • Diamond set strap bracelet with buckle links by Cartier, a line of raised collet set marquise cut diamonds along the middle,

    Ref No. 47307A1 Details
  • Carved rock crystal, diamond and gold architectural bangle by Cartier, Paris,

    Ref No. 47210 Details
  • Diamond and Burma ruby geometric bracelet of stylised buckle and strap design,

    Ref No. 46937 Details
  • Diamond and emerald strap bracelet by Charlton, American,

    Ref No. 01990 Details
  • Art Deco diamond double clip brooch with bangle cuff fitting by Cartier Paris c.1930,

    Ref No. 01960 Details
  • Early 20th century sapphire and diamond slender strap bracelet, French c.1915, the CH maker's mark probably for Charles Holl,

    Ref No. 01861 Details
  • Mid-20th century aquamarine and diamond cluster bracelet by Cartier, c.1940,

    Ref No. 46992 Details
  • Diamond line bracelet by Cartier, millegrain set with French cut diamonds,

    Ref No. 01902 Details
  • 18th century graduated rose cut diamond bracelet, c.1770,

    Ref No. 00918 Details
  • 19th century sapphire, diamond and gold circle bracelet, French c.1880,

    Ref No. 00921 Details
  • 19th century archaeological revival gold and cornelian scarab bracelet, Italian c.1860,

    Ref No. 42270 Details
  • Pearl, diamond and platinum chain bracelet,

    Ref No. 01238 Details
  • Art Deco openwork onyx and diamond link bracelet by Tiffany, with ten tonneau shaped carved onyx links joined by three stone diamond bar links, millegrain set in platinum

    Ref No. 01567 Details
  • Diamond, emerald and cabochon sapphire strap bracelet by Charlton, American,

    Ref No. 01179 Details
  • Cabochon emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamond tutti-frutti bracelet by Raymond Yard, New York,

    Ref No. 46610 Details
  • Jade panel and carved ruby bracelet,

    Ref No. 43972 Details
  • Early 20th century diamond and onyx horseshoe bracelet by Cartier, Paris c.1918,

    Ref No. 01780 Details
  • 20th century emerald and diamond snake bangle, c.1920,

    Ref No. 01781 Details
  • 19th century gold and cabochon ruby and emerald bracelet, French c.1890,

    Ref No. 01751 Price £7,600 Details
  • Emerald and diamond broad articulated strap bracelet,

    Ref No. 01730 Details
  • Set of two early 19th century vari-coloured gem and diamond cluster bracelets, French c.1820, forming a choker necklace,

    Ref No. 01619 Details
  • Three row jade, ruby, sapphire and diamond bead bracelet,

    Ref No. 00652 Details
  • Diamond strap bracelet by Cartier,

    Ref No. 00370 Details
  • Diamond strap bracelet with baguette line lozenge motifs by Cartier,

    Ref No. 00339 Details
  • Diamond set slim strap bracelet by Cartier,

    Ref No. 00046 Details
  • Ruby and diamond strap bracelet,

    Ref No. 00038 Details
  • Art Deco carved emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamond tutti-frutti strap bracelet, French c.1925,

    Ref No. 48431 Details
  • Early 20th century cabochon sapphire, pearl and diamond bracelet, French c.1915, with workshop mark for Charles Holl,

    Ref No. 47520 Details
  • Art Deco diamond, carved stone and onyx bracelet, c.1920,

    Ref No. 40643 Details
  • Art Deco cabochon ruby and box collet diamond three row bracelet, c.1930,

    Ref No. 44435 Details
  • Diamond bricklink strap bracelet by Cartier, Paris,

    Ref No. 48429 Details
  • Moonstone bead and diamond and moonstone bracelet by Cartier, London,

    Ref No. 48196 Details
  • Diamond strap bracelet with round brilliant and rectangular cut stones by Cartier,

    Ref No. 46620 Details
  • Art Deco sapphire and diamond rectangular link and line bracelet by Cartier,

    Ref No. 45643 Details
  • Openwork diamond set bracelet by Cartier,

    Ref No. 45424 Details
  • Diamond and platinum strap bracelet by Cartier, Paris,

    Ref No. 41706 Details
  • Sapphire and diamond articulated strap bracelet by Charles Holl, Paris,

    Ref No. 41672 Details
  • Antique diamond and sapphire cluster strap bracelet, c.1900,

    Ref No. 47467 Details
  • Early 20th century box collet diamond line bracelet by Tiffany, c.1910,

    Ref No. 47113 Details
  • Art Deco articulated diamond strap bracelet with hexagonal lattice by Rene Boivin, French 1937,

    Ref No. 47012 Details
  • Early 20th century sapphire line and diamond cluster bracelet, c.1910,

    Ref No. 46206 Details
  • 19th century French gold bracelet with an enamel neoclassical profile by Frederic Boucheron, Paris c.1880,

    Ref No. 43340 Details
  • Art Deco cabochon ruby and diamond strap bracelet, c.1935,

    Ref No. 41922 Details